A team is like a cruise ship, composed of different parts with different functions, and as individuals, may or may not be relevant, but as a whole, complements the purpose and the goals of the cruise, making it the dream cruise ship that it fully can be. All of this will come to naught if the ship is not collectively managed into some sort of goal, or if the ship is not set properly into the destination, route, that it must follow. With all that considered and all the other things that the cruise has to offer, we can easily declare that the ship needs a captain, as a team needs a leader.

A good team leader is someone who listens, to the currents, to the wind, and to the crew; the one who decides upon all of these instances, or even more, if whether everyone should set sail, or wait for the waves to settle. A captain, a leader, more or less possesses this power to decide for all. Yes, you might have tried being a captain for most of, or at least some time in, your life but if you haven’t, will you ever get to?

Some people are built for leadership; others even believe that leadership springs from the DNA of a certain few, where being “leaderly” seems to flow naturally. May it be a case of circumstances, the environment where one was brought up, training from school, or even from birth, as some consider; being a leader is a league of its own, but still, with all the information present in this era, one can learn, just like any skill, on how one can become a leader. As there are different types of people, different types of captains there will be, and, indeed, different types of captains there exist. Of course, what follows are different types of leadership styles, which are all efficient in their own different ways, depending on the destination, goal, that the team wants to arrive in conclusion.

A team can own its own, may be able to get “some” things done, but with a leader, a captain that fits well, that team can do exponentially more, better, than how they’d do on their own. The beauty of leadership, the beauty of becoming a captain, is that it is just a matter of deciding to stand up and take responsibility of the team you are in, when all is in disarray, and when you think and know that you can make the difference. Just be sure that you’d put an effort on hearing from your crew, and with that, you’d be starting well as the captain of your team. Yes, starting out as a leader will not be as easy as following the given, for a leader will have to consider all the variables involved in the team’s goal, seeing everything that is ahead to avoid delays and unnecessary complications. A leader will carry the team’s dream and wishes and make everything a reality. The burden that comes with being a leader will be heavy, but the glory as to successfully leading your team, your ship, to its destination outweighs everything else. There are teams everywhere looking for a leader; someone who believes they can and is committed to making it a reality. Every team needs a leader. Who knows, that leader might just be you! Get up and take responsibility. That is what leaders do.

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