Mysteries! Gems for a Fulfilling Life


A lot of people around the world, Christians inclusive, sometimes get stuck in their efforts to get to better and higher levels in life. Day after day, folks go through arduous struggles, endless pains and countless disappointments leading to unmet expectations, shattered dreams and unfulfilled destinies. The reason for this is mostly for the lack of right information. Right information is the catalyst for self-improvement and personal success. Sub-titled ‘Gems for a fulfilling life,’ Mysteries! is a book written to provide some of the information needed to trigger off our individual zest as to unleash the enormous potentials divinely embedded in each one of us as a way of bridging the missing link and ultimately resulting to greatness in life. Anybody can be great, including YOU!

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Outskirts Press


November 12, 2015


– 1478759208


– 1478759208


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