Do you ever feel like your life is filled with one messy event and situation after another? Do you ever feel like the whole world is on your shoulders and the load is too much to bear? Without hesitation, you would easily label yourself as a “mess” during these trying times and casually asks God “Why?” When life gets messy, it’s natural for you to worry or get stressed.

One can never truly understand His ways. There are days when life just doesn’t seem to be going your way. You will be faced with different degrees of disappointments, trials, stress, tribulations, complications, and sadness in your life. To the point of losing hope and seeing life as an abyss that you would never be able to fathom. Times when you will feel like nothing is working right and everything is out of control. Times and days of being frustrated and disappointed are common feelings synonymous to that of being in a dark tunnel with no way out. I have come to understand that ‘challenges’ are part of the growth process in life. It’s like taking an example to qualify for the next class in school. If you fail you repeat the class. Our abilities are challenged daily to get the best out of us.

Struggles in life are inevitable but wreckage and desolation are by far optional. Human as you are, you will reach your breaking point and feel that you won’t be able to get anything accomplished and done. Just when you think that nothing else will come up good with what you have or what you’re in, you should always remember that there is indeed a light at the end of the tunnel.

David Willis’ powerful quote says it all. He said “Faith is a choice, not a feeling. It means choosing to trust God even when life doesn’t seem to make sense.” You need to start believing in miracles when you start trusting God. You might never be able to control your circumstances but you will be able to control the ways that you will respond or handle these situations. It is imperative that you pray and give thanks in spite of what is happening in your life. Nothing is as powerful as praying to God. Prayer transcends beyond what you can normally do and imagine. Always have a positive mind and good disposition and don’t let negativity pave its way in your life. A thankful heart, no matter what you’re going through, will always usher in good vibrations.

It is during these trying times that God wants you to understand His purpose in your life. He wants you to be closer to Him and feel His overflowing love and guidance. When you begin to trust in His powerful ways, the time has come for you to receive His abundant blessings and overflowing mercy. When you are being tested, that’s the time that God wants to sharpen you, mold you and transform you into something greater. He wants you and the people around you to see His amazing touch in your life.

Losing hope should never be an option when you’re facing life’s difficulties. There are lots of reasons to turn to God and trust in His ways. His answers are always perfect and will always come in His own right time. Phenomenal and remarkable things will happen if you cast your burden upon Him and let Him do His ways in your life. Here are some of my quotes about HOPE: ‘Hope is Having Optimism and Positive Expectation. You cannot receive what you do not expect.’ ‘When we lose hope, we equally lose our happiness and health. And when these three are lost, life itself is lost.’ It is time to rise, clean up the dust and face the challenge more intelligently. That is what all successful people do. Without challenge there can be no breakthrough.

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