‘Life is Learning daily, Improving daily, Focusing daily, and Engaging daily.’ Education is a term that is known to all, undergone and experienced by many, and underestimated by few. In our society today, when you are not educated you always stand at the end of the line. You are the least, most unappreciated, and most unimportant person. This is a very disappointing truth but others still choose not to be educated, while some just don’t have the means.

So the big question is, “Why is education important?” In education we learn a lot of things, from the basic letters and numbers to the different and complicated things the world never knew exist. From the moment we open our eyes, we see, we learn, and we know. Knowledge, they say, is power; the force that breaks the barriers of life, takes advantage of opportunities, and gets us to our destiny. Knowledge, however, comes in two forms: information and inspiration. Education provides us with the information we need to attain destiny.

I remember when I was little, I was always told by my parents that I have to go to school, study hard and get high grades. I asked them why and they told me that it is necessary for me to be able to have a promising future. Since then I always valued education and strived hard. Education gives you an edge in life. That edge is speed. Education helps you to fly while others crawl.

There are many ways to be educated and the most common are being home schooled and being enrolled in an actual, physical school. Being home schooled is good, you are taught on one-on-one sessions and you are monitored well. As for being enrolled in an actual school, you are being exposed to a new world, get to know new people and become their friend, and explore a lot more. You just don’t learn, but you will have fun and adventure. Through education we are molded through the values we learn, we grow through the different experiences we encounter, and we learn new skills needed in our everyday life. Interacting with people is also part of learning, we get to hear and see different points of view about things.

Education is actually our key to the future. We must never get tired of learning especially now that we are living in a world where the only constant thing is change. Even those that have gotten their degrees still continue to educate themselves because learning has never been boring and new things are always occurring every day. We always have to keep up with our knowledge in this changing world because when you keep yourself educated, you are actually putting value to yourself and you are actually an addition to the society’s welfare and improvement. It also helps open doors to a lot of opportunities for better growth especially in terms of career. If you want to view the world as a world offering equal amount of opportunities for all, education is the key. If you want to do away with existing differences between social classes and genders, education is a must.

A lot of people say that with money comes power, but the truth is, with education there is power and that power can never be taken away from you. That is the reason why education is of highest importance. It is precious like a gem, it should not be wasted like trash.

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