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Get Smart

Get Smart

‘Life is Learning daily, Improving daily, Focusing daily, and Engaging daily.’ Education is a term that is known to all, undergone and experienced by many, and underestimated by few. In our society today, when you are not educated you always stand at the end of the line. You are the least, most unappreciated, and most unimportant person. This is a very disappointing truth but others still choose not to be educated, while some just don’t have the means.

So the big question is, “Why is education important?” In education we learn a lot of things, from the basic letters and numbers to the different and complicated things the world never knew exist. From the moment we open our eyes, we see, we learn, and we know. Knowledge, they say, is power; the force that breaks the barriers of life, takes advantage of opportunities, and gets us to our destiny. Knowledge, however, comes in two forms: information and inspiration. Education provides us with the information we need to attain destiny.

I remember when I was little, I was always told by my parents that I have to go to school, study hard and get high grades. I asked them why and they told me that it is necessary for me to be able to have a promising future. Since then I always valued education and strived hard. Education gives you an edge in life. That edge is speed. Education helps you to fly while others crawl.

There are many ways to be educated and the most common are being home schooled and being enrolled in an actual, physical school. Being home schooled is good, you are taught on one-on-one sessions and you are monitored well. As for being enrolled in an actual school, you are being exposed to a new world, get to know new people and become their friend, and explore a lot more. You just don’t learn, but you will have fun and adventure. Through education we are molded through the values we learn, we grow through the different experiences we encounter, and we learn new skills needed in our everyday life. Interacting with people is also part of learning, we get to hear and see different points of view about things.

Education is actually our key to the future. We must never get tired of learning especially now that we are living in a world where the only constant thing is change. Even those that have gotten their degrees still continue to educate themselves because learning has never been boring and new things are always occurring every day. We always have to keep up with our knowledge in this changing world because when you keep yourself educated, you are actually putting value to yourself and you are actually an addition to the society’s welfare and improvement. It also helps open doors to a lot of opportunities for better growth especially in terms of career. If you want to view the world as a world offering equal amount of opportunities for all, education is the key. If you want to do away with existing differences between social classes and genders, education is a must.

A lot of people say that with money comes power, but the truth is, with education there is power and that power can never be taken away from you. That is the reason why education is of highest importance. It is precious like a gem, it should not be wasted like trash.

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The Need to Please: How To Stop Living For Others’ Approval

The Need to Please: How To Stop Living For Others’ Approval

Have you heard the line “What we are is God’s gift to us, what we become is our gift to God”? Our physical being, life itself, is an accepted belief of many as coming from God Almighty. What a person does to his life is the greatest challenge he faces if he were to give back with gratitude and appreciation for this most precious gift.
The world is made up of various kinds of people, differing in physical characteristics as well as emotional traits. Though coming from the same family, siblings may vary in their responses to situations, problems, and challenges of daily living. Learning starts early in life and the family, concerned parents in particular, should give proper and valuable guidance to the growing kids. It is an observation that very young children may rebel, especially when not given what they want, or may just cry and sulk in one corner. It is naturally incumbent upon parents to allow space for understanding and growth besides love for them. As they become older, their moral values start to take form. When the children are taught to communicate and trust, they learn to be open and this gives parents the opportunity to observe their traits, strengths, and weaknesses. The children may learn to be obedient and trusting of them. This may, as they grow, further lead to seeking their parents’ approval of any actions they feel are important. This could be a stepping point for parents to gradually introduce to the children recognition of their strong points, their own capacities, and talents that they may cultivate. Coupled with teachings on how to reach out to other people to help or to serve using their God-given talents or gifts, they may imbibe this positivity as they mature, and act on what is for the greater good without fear of negative feedback or disapproval from certain individuals.
In the same vein, a young adult should also learn to develop a good regard of himself, that is, a positive view of his person. Loving one’s self, not hedonistic inclination, can be an indication of self-esteem. How a person regards himself and what others (parents, siblings, friends and the like) think of him can affect a person’s self-esteem. It is important foremost for parents to give support to their children’s achievements for example, that they may gain confidence, and eventually may learn to appreciate others. Approval gives a person a positive outlook of himself.
Living life may be smooth or rough sailing. Tough issues may be encountered in vital aspects like child rearing or relationship enrichment. When there are frustrations and disappointments that come along the way, it is best that one does not wallow in self-pity. Rather, a person should strive to talk it out or be open to family or a close friend. In relationships, an individual may not fully open because of fear of rejection after the other person would know his real self. Embarrassment, disapproval, and shame can cause one to retreat. Besides family, a confidant can help the person in such state. Although it takes time for a good relationship to develop, it is still rewarding in the end.
While people, in general, may want the good opinion of others, such desire is still natural and serves to reinforce their self-esteem. Yet, it would also be unhealthy if one just waits and focuses on the positive opinion of others. This attitude slows down his growth and delays action.
What is important is the realization that one’s gratitude should be foremost to God who gifted all with a wholeness of mind and body. The need to please or seek others’ approval becomes only secondary, a minor appendage in living day to day. God should be at the forefront when seeking grace, where one’s desire to attain a fuller life should extend to contributing to others’ welfare. With solid sources to increase one’s strength, i.e. family solidarity, dedication of those attending to others’ needs, and God’s compassion, there may be no need at all to wait for a favorable opinion of others to continue one’s response to be of service, making use of God’s given talents.

A Team Needs A Captain

A Team Needs A Captain

A team is like a cruise ship, composed of different parts with different functions, and as individuals, may or may not be relevant, but as a whole, complements the purpose and the goals of the cruise, making it the dream cruise ship that it fully can be. All of this will come to naught if the ship is not collectively managed into some sort of goal, or if the ship is not set properly into the destination, route, that it must follow. With all that considered and all the other things that the cruise has to offer, we can easily declare that the ship needs a captain, as a team needs a leader.

A good team leader is someone who listens, to the currents, to the wind, and to the crew; the one who decides upon all of these instances, or even more, if whether everyone should set sail, or wait for the waves to settle. A captain, a leader, more or less possesses this power to decide for all. Yes, you might have tried being a captain for most of, or at least some time in, your life but if you haven’t, will you ever get to?

Some people are built for leadership; others even believe that leadership springs from the DNA of a certain few, where being “leaderly” seems to flow naturally. May it be a case of circumstances, the environment where one was brought up, training from school, or even from birth, as some consider; being a leader is a league of its own, but still, with all the information present in this era, one can learn, just like any skill, on how one can become a leader. As there are different types of people, different types of captains there will be, and, indeed, different types of captains there exist. Of course, what follows are different types of leadership styles, which are all efficient in their own different ways, depending on the destination, goal, that the team wants to arrive in conclusion.

A team can own its own, may be able to get “some” things done, but with a leader, a captain that fits well, that team can do exponentially more, better, than how they’d do on their own. The beauty of leadership, the beauty of becoming a captain, is that it is just a matter of deciding to stand up and take responsibility of the team you are in, when all is in disarray, and when you think and know that you can make the difference. Just be sure that you’d put an effort on hearing from your crew, and with that, you’d be starting well as the captain of your team. Yes, starting out as a leader will not be as easy as following the given, for a leader will have to consider all the variables involved in the team’s goal, seeing everything that is ahead to avoid delays and unnecessary complications. A leader will carry the team’s dream and wishes and make everything a reality. The burden that comes with being a leader will be heavy, but the glory as to successfully leading your team, your ship, to its destination outweighs everything else. There are teams everywhere looking for a leader; someone who believes they can and is committed to making it a reality. Every team needs a leader. Who knows, that leader might just be you! Get up and take responsibility. That is what leaders do.

How To Find God In The Middle Of Your Mess.

How To Find God In The Middle Of Your Mess.

Do you ever feel like your life is filled with one messy event and situation after another? Do you ever feel like the whole world is on your shoulders and the load is too much to bear? Without hesitation, you would easily label yourself as a “mess” during these trying times and casually asks God “Why?” When life gets messy, it’s natural for you to worry or get stressed.

One can never truly understand His ways. There are days when life just doesn’t seem to be going your way. You will be faced with different degrees of disappointments, trials, stress, tribulations, complications, and sadness in your life. To the point of losing hope and seeing life as an abyss that you would never be able to fathom. Times when you will feel like nothing is working right and everything is out of control. Times and days of being frustrated and disappointed are common feelings synonymous to that of being in a dark tunnel with no way out. I have come to understand that ‘challenges’ are part of the growth process in life. It’s like taking an example to qualify for the next class in school. If you fail you repeat the class. Our abilities are challenged daily to get the best out of us.

Struggles in life are inevitable but wreckage and desolation are by far optional. Human as you are, you will reach your breaking point and feel that you won’t be able to get anything accomplished and done. Just when you think that nothing else will come up good with what you have or what you’re in, you should always remember that there is indeed a light at the end of the tunnel.

David Willis’ powerful quote says it all. He said “Faith is a choice, not a feeling. It means choosing to trust God even when life doesn’t seem to make sense.” You need to start believing in miracles when you start trusting God. You might never be able to control your circumstances but you will be able to control the ways that you will respond or handle these situations. It is imperative that you pray and give thanks in spite of what is happening in your life. Nothing is as powerful as praying to God. Prayer transcends beyond what you can normally do and imagine. Always have a positive mind and good disposition and don’t let negativity pave its way in your life. A thankful heart, no matter what you’re going through, will always usher in good vibrations.

It is during these trying times that God wants you to understand His purpose in your life. He wants you to be closer to Him and feel His overflowing love and guidance. When you begin to trust in His powerful ways, the time has come for you to receive His abundant blessings and overflowing mercy. When you are being tested, that’s the time that God wants to sharpen you, mold you and transform you into something greater. He wants you and the people around you to see His amazing touch in your life.

Losing hope should never be an option when you’re facing life’s difficulties. There are lots of reasons to turn to God and trust in His ways. His answers are always perfect and will always come in His own right time. Phenomenal and remarkable things will happen if you cast your burden upon Him and let Him do His ways in your life. Here are some of my quotes about HOPE: ‘Hope is Having Optimism and Positive Expectation. You cannot receive what you do not expect.’ ‘When we lose hope, we equally lose our happiness and health. And when these three are lost, life itself is lost.’ It is time to rise, clean up the dust and face the challenge more intelligently. That is what all successful people do. Without challenge there can be no breakthrough.

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What Moves You?

What Moves You?

As the saying goes, “You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it”. This saying is the very essence of motivation. You feel motivated when you chase your dreams and are fulfilling your destiny. The natural talents you possess are divine tools for destiny attainment.

What and/or who motivates you to be more than you ever thought possible? Inspiration and motivation can be found in all things and anywhere. Motivation is almost always the result of an action and not the cause of it. When you start working on something, even in the smallest of things, it is already considered as an active form of inspiration or motivation. Normally, this produces momentum.

Most people typically struggle to find the motivation they need to achieve their goals and dreams. Usually, they waste too much time and effort on other things involved in the process. Every choice that we make has a price but when we are motivated, the consequence is much easier to bear than the pain. If we really want to make it easy to find motivation and get started, it helps to plan and foresee the early stages of the whole operation. We all strive daily to accomplish our goals and ambitions and at the same time focus on the tasks at hand. While we are at it, have we stopped and think of what really pushes us to keep going? Are we consciously aware of the things that matter the most in our struggle to achieve what we have in mind?

When we are able to identify what keeps us going, it can actually help us in accomplishing our goals. Whatever we set our minds to, we must be aware of the underlying factors that motivate us in getting all things done. Whatever it is that keeps us enthusiastic and moves us to go beyond, the bottom line is an integral desire to be better or to be the best.

Others can inspire, encourage and support us but no one can truly drive us except our very own selves. Knowing what excites us to act accordingly is the key to being inspired. Once we have discovered our momentum, it is important to identify certain and specific characteristics that we must possess in order to stay motivated. Once we are motivated, we carry in ourselves the drive to succeed and become better individuals. This glow radiates from within us.

To be the better version of ourselves means that we endeavor to achieve an almost perfect accomplishment in our lives. Being driven means having optimal thinking, an empowering character and an enormous element in staying driven. Moreover, it is imperative that we must strive to achieve the goals that we have set for ourselves and make the best possible choices to achieve them.

Actually, the factors that motivate us will differ depending on our age, goals and the stage and situation that we are in with our lives. Essentially, we need to identify the specifics in order for us to be able to distinguish what ingredients and components are needed to successfully achieve and accomplish what we have set our minds and hearts to. To be able to discern and differentiate the things from the very basic to the most vital are keys in being motivated in life.

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