Two books, one greater goal: To inspire a next generation of grace-filled, determined Christians.


Book review:

"This is a powerful book and I highly recommend to all readers!!!"

― Patricia J. Starman, Amazon customer


Divinely inspired, thought-provoking, uplifting quotes from the man anointed and mandated to preach God’s Word.



Manifesting For Global Impact is a book released from the throne of God for the end-time Church. Subtitled 'Taking over the High Places of the Earth,' this book is self-motivating, soul-inspiring, thought-compelling, and action-provoking.

Mysteries! Gems for a Fulfilling Life. A lot of people around the world, Christians inclusive, sometimes get stuck in their efforts to get to better and higher levels in life. Day after day, folks go through arduous struggles, endless pains and countless disappointments leading to unmet expectations, shattered dreams and unfulfilled destinies.

Victor O. Okocha

A resident of Lorain, Ohio in the United States of America, Victor O. Okocha is a devout Christian, author, and teacher of God’s word. He is a graduate of the Word Of Faith Bible Institute (WOFBI) of the Living Faith Church Worldwide (also known as Winners’ Chapel International) with Headquarters in Nigeria. He also holds a Postgraduate degree in Management.

Victor is a man filled with the apostolic fire of the end-time army of God and has a divine mandate of revealing the mysteries of God’s kingdom to the end-time Church. Writing and teaching have become part of his divine tools for the performance of this assignment and destiny.

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